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Swedish right-wing populism: Sweden Democrats

Sweden's political landscape is changing as a result of the most recent general elections, which were held in September 2022. Even though the Social Democrats won, the party's leader, Magdalena Andersson, was unable to maintain a majority in the Parliament and ultimately had to concede defeat. Ulf Kristersson, the head of the opposition right-wing group and the Moderate Party, took over as prime minister as a result of her subsequent withdrawal from office. Despite this outcome, the Sweden Democrats continue to hold the second-largest party in the nation's Parliament. The Sweden Democrats have a significant impact on the government's decision-making because they provide outside support to the right-wing bloc and helped that coalition obtain a majority in the parliament. This group is frequently viewed as a right-wing nationalist populist party that places a strong emphasis on restricting immigration and the influence of the European Union (EU) in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats haven't had much influence in the Swedish Parliament up until now because of an informal cordon sanitaire, but a sizable majority of the populace in Sweden supports them. This article contextualises the reasons why the nation chose the Sweden Democrats while also shedding light on the ramifications of their growing political influence.

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