The folklore legend

Despite the fact that any "Swexit" plans are not currently in the party's best interests, their views on immigration and the construction of Swedish identity have always been anti-immigrant and subtly anti-European. Folkhem, which means "people's home" and especially refers to the concepts of the nation, the people, and democracy, is a term that can aid in understanding this point of view (Hellström, Nilsson & Stoltz, 2012). Folk music contains concepts that have the potential to stir an audience's emotions. It can specifically evoke nostalgia for a time when life seemed better in the Swedish population. Since immigrants who have benefited from the Swedish welfare state are perceived as a threat to the welfare state and to Swedish identity, populist discourses that mention folkhem may be able to tap into nativist hostility (Norocel, 2016, p.372). The aforementioned party has openly said that they "think that the Swedish welfare system should be for Swedish citizens, all throughout our country, regardless of the size of your budget." Migrants must be in the labour force before they are eligible for Swedish benefits (Sweden Democrats, 2022). They seem to be appealing to voters from the working class while simultaneously portraying immigrant communities as the adversary that is undermining the Swedish welfare state.

Written by: Name Style