Creating Your Own Magnetic Pen at Home to Save Money

Creating Your Own Magnetic Pen at Home to Save Money

Do you require assistance in locating your pen when you are keeping records of what is missing from your refrigerator or other types of records pertaining to your home? Don't worry, we'll get out of this predicament by figuring out how to make a magnetic pen that can be attached to the side of your refrigerator. The following is a list of the steps that need to be taken in order to successfully create a magnetic pen at home:


To get started, select the type of writing implement that you prefer to use.

You can choose a pen that you enjoy using; you can buy a pen locally or online; however, it is best to choose a pen that you enjoy using because everyone has different preferences regarding the color of their writing implements and the brand of writing implements.


The subsequent thing that needs to be done is to purchase a magnet.

Any shop in the area that sells stationery should have a magnet in stock that is the right size to fit both the cap and the ink pipe of your pen. It is recommended that you use an R424DIA magnet when making your pen because of its ring-shaped design, moderate magnetization and demagnetization capabilities, and moderate magnetic attraction and repulsion.


In the third step, the removal of the cap and the ink pipes is completed.

You will need to take the ink pipe out of your pen. Remove the section of the ink pipe that serves as a marker for when the ink has run out and cut it with a sharp knife to make room in the pen for the magnet. Removing this section of the ink pipe allows for more space in the pen. You should tuck a miniature magnifying glass into your cap.


As the fourth step, you will need to replace the cap as well as the ink pipe.

After you have successfully cut the magnet to size and positioned it where you want it, you will need to replace the ink pipe and cap so that the pen regains its original appearance. You shouldn't use a bulky magnifier because the pen needs to be more manageable in terms of weight.


The fifth step is the implementation and archiving of the process.

Any minute metallic objects that have been knocked to the ground can now be retrieved by the pen thanks to its newfound ability. You are now free to compose a shopping list and look for a replacement magnetic pen now that it is no longer attached to the door of the refrigerator.